Why use NIMBUS for your training?

I know what you are thinking:  customised training sounds expensive.  

It isn’t!  In fact it can be much more cost effective than the alternatives.

Because you get to pick and choose which topics you want to cover, you won’t find yourself having to pay for two courses if you need some topics from the beginner course and some from the advanced one.  And because we come to your premises, you don’t have to send your staff off site.

Whether you choose individual 1-2-1 training or a group training session, the course can be adapted to suit what you want to do.  We can even incorporate your own work files if you wish, so that you learn using examples that are relevant to you and your staff.

I have more than 15 years’ experience of using Microsoft Office and other desktop software in a research environment.  As an experienced user I understand some of the problems that can arise and I know how to make your computer work for you.  


Take advantage of your computer…

it won’t mind!

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